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"I am color blind. Should I wear glasses? "

ZocdocAnswersI am color blind. Should I wear glasses?


hello, i'm 17 years old and i just found out that i'm colour blind. i don't wear glasses before and actually i do have a very strong vision. all i know that glasses is only for people who wants to correct their vision and not for colour blinds. i can see things which are quite far. so do you suggest me to wear glasses ?


Color blindness is a defect in your ability to perceive different colors, and I encourage you to discuss it with your doctor. Glasses change your refractive index, which means that they change the ability of your eyes to focus. People who need glasses wear them because they have a problem with the shape of their eyeball or their lenses and the glasses help compensate for that defect by changing how the light travels to the eye and bringing the distant object into focus. This has nothing to do with not being able to see colors. Due to your genetics your eye or brain are unable to perceive certain colors; there is no way to give you a set of glasses that will give you that ability, and the glasses that do exist address a fundamentally different issue. If you have good vision, which means you are able to see object both near and far and specifically focus on distant or close objects, there is no need for you to wear glasses. In terms of your color blindness, you should talk with your doctor about what specific defects you have in your vision and what you need to do to be safe, specifically with respect to driving. Often color blindness is genetic, so it would also be worth talking to your doctor about whether this is something that could affect other members of your family.

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