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"Do I have breast cancer?"


I've been hearing lately that putting your cell phone in your bra causes breast cancer. And now I'm a bit worried, I used to put my phone in my bra alot for about 1 yr and I kept in on the side by my arm pit but I have a lump on the otherside. I'm 20 years old and also my baby hit and kicked me there several times. I can't go to a dr bc I don't have insurance or the money. Please help me.


Thank you for your question regarding breast masses and the concern for breast cancer. It can be frightening to discover a lump in your breast because the obvious first thought is that the lump could be cancerous. However, it is important to remember that many breast masses can be completely benign, especially in young females.

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In fact, most problems with the breast are not caused by breast cancer. Still, it is important that you be evaluated by a physician. The characteristics of the lump or mass can provide valuable clues, with lumps more likely to be benign if they move, have well defined borders, and cause pain in a pattern that is cyclical and occurs right before menses. There is a very long list of types of breast masses that are benign. Simple fibroadenomas are non-cancerous solid tumors that can occur in one or both breasts. They are very common in women ages 15-35. Simple cysts are seen in women usually between 35-50 and are fluid filled masses that can cause sudden onset local pain. Tumors made of fat cells, lipomas, can be found in the breast. Trauma to the breast tissue can even cause a mass to form in the breast, which is known as fat necrosis. This can be seen in car accident victims who sustain trauma to their breasts from seat belts, or trauma such as that which you described regarding your baby. Any significant contact to the breasts can cause death of fat cells which may feel like a lump but is actually completely benign. I would encourage you to seek medical attention regarding the mass in your breast as it is impossible to diagnose whether the lump is benign or malignant without a thorough examination, and quite possibly, further imaging studies or tests such as an ultrasound or needle biopsy.

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