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I received an 80mg injection of Depo Medrol in my deltoid today to apparently lessen the inflammation from the case of strep throat that I have.Am I going to be okay?

Hello! I received an 80mg inj of Depo Medrol in my deltoid today to apparently lessen the inflammation from the case of strep throat that I have. I have now read that it is adviseable to only receive this in the glutes? Am I going to be okay?
The location of where an injection occurs is an important factor, but in this case I doubt that will make a difference. The steroid methylpredisolone which is the active ingredient of depo Medrol, needs to be injected into a muscular area. This is why the deltoid is often chosen. However, the gluteal muscles are often more muscular than the deltoid and thus are a more favorable location compared to the deltoid in some people. However, if your deltoid is a reasonable mass, then the injection into this area probably fine. In other words, it probably makes no difference. It only makes a significant difference in people with low muscle mass such as an elderly woman or a very young child. If you are concerned about this, then I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. It might not be a bad idea since your case of strep throat seems to be quite bad. The use of intramuscular steroids for strep throat is not done in every case which lets me know that your doctor was concerned about the amount of swelling that you had. So please speak with your doctor just to make sure that your throat is better. Good luck.
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