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"I have cough since 4-5 days and chest pain since yesterday. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have cough since 4-5 days and chest pain since yesterday. What could it be?


I have cough since 4-5 days which looks generally dry but when I wake up in the morning my nose is blocked from mucus and some mucus is inside my mouth or throat which I spit up during brushing teeth . Also since last night, I had a mild sharp pain in my left chest which is intermittent and mostly happens when I move or pick something. Kindly suggest medicine or solution regarding this. One more thing, I have asthma since childhood but its quite mild now and I rarely need my inhaler.


Thanks for your question, and sorry to hear about your recent illness. Upper respiratory tract infections are quite common, and usually respond to good hand hygiene, lots of liquids, and rest. Unfortunately, they can sometimes lead to other problems. Commonly, a viral illness can lead to a problem with the lungs such as bronchitis or even pneumonia. Usually, this sort of thing will happen after a brief period of several days of a viral illness syndrome, and will then be followed with more severe symptoms such as you may be describing. Unfortunately, this sort of problem often requires more than just rest and hydration, and may need to be treated by a doctor in order to return to fully recovery without having other complications of the illness. For that reason, it is good to speak with your doctor early if you feel like you are taking a turn for the worse after starting to feel better. There are other things that can cause chest pain as well in people that are coughing. It is somewhat common for people to pull muscles in their rib cage if they are coughing too much, and sometimes even break ribs. Again, please speak with your doctor about your question.

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