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"When does a kid loose his "baby fat"?"

ZocdocAnswersWhen does a kid loose his "baby fat"?


Im 14 and I'm a boy how do i loose my baby fat will it go away?


I recommend that you discuss your concerns with your pediatrician. Most people will experience a growth spurt at some point during their teenage years that cause them to thin out and lose their 'baby fat'. For girls this is often between 11-14, and for boys can occur a little bit later. If you have noticed other signs of puberty, such as voice changes, acne, and developing pubic hair, armpit hair, and facial hair, it may be that a growth spurt will also be coming your way. The amount that you grow is typically genetically determined, so you can get a sense by looking at your parents how tall you might become. That being said, weight loss does not happen automatically. Most people will thin out while they're growing because they can eat a lot and the body uses that to grow muscles and bone rather than fat, but once the growth spurt stops then all the food goes back to making fat. If you are overweight now, you cannot expect to become a healthy weight when you are grown. It is important that you develop good eating habits now, as this will keep you healthy for the rest of your life. Regular cardiovascular exercise, such as from running or playing a sport like soccer or basketball, will also help keep you healthy and keep your weight down. It is very difficult in this country to eat a healthy diet. I would strongly recommend you bring up your concerns with your pediatrician, who can advise you on whether you are developing at a normal rate, and can also give you advice on how to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

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