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"5 days ago my brother was sent to the hospital with a high fever. What is wrong with him?"

ZocdocAnswers5 days ago my brother was sent to the hospital with a high fever. What is wrong with him?


5 days ago my brother was sent to the hospital with a high fever, the doctors said it was viral and it would go away in a few days but it has only been getting worse, the highest he has had was 102.4 and the doctors have tested him for everything the even game him a CAT scan but everything coming back negative and im scared. Also they say theres some white stuff in the back of his throat so please if there is anything you think he might have please tell me and if you cant think of anything thats okay i just need to try... also hes 11 years old and doesnt have a past of any medical thing thank you


I am sorry to hear that your brother has been so sick recently. This must be a scary time for you and your family, and I know that your brother must appreciate how much you care about him. You should feel assured that he is in the right hands and that the physicians at the hospital are working to the best of their ability to figure out what is going on. Remember, it is their jobs to figure out the source of your brother's fever, not yours! You should focus instead only on being the strong supportive sister that you are. It is impossible to guess what might be going on without the ability to examine your brother and check what testing has already been completed. However, infectious causes are usually the first thing doctors investigate as a source of fever. Infections can be caused by a number of different agents, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa. Inflammatory conditions, such as lupus, can also be a cause for fever. Cancers such as leukemia or lymphoma can be yet another source of fever. Sometimes, the source of a fever is never identified in certain patients, even after a thorough investigation. This is known as fever of unknown origin, and is a diagnosis of exclusion, only after thorough testing has yielded no known source. Keep in close communication with your brother's doctors, who can continue to keep you updated on what they are thinking and what investigations they would like to pursue.

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