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"I was rubbing my throat and it popped. What was that?"

ZocdocAnswersI was rubbing my throat and it popped. What was that?


Doesnt feel that wierd only if i touch it pops in and makes pop click noise i was just rubbing my throat And all the sudden crack and now i can touch it and it makes a crack and it pushes in and back out


Sorry to hear that you were rubbing your neck and heard a crack, and that now there is something you can touch which continues to move and make noise. I am happy to give you a couple ideas what might be going on, but to get an exact and accurate answer, I am going to recommend that you make an appointment to see an ENT or Ear Nose Throat physician (aka otolaryngologist) to get examined. I can give you educated guesses as to what might be going on, but they will be able to tell you specifically what they think it is, and if the exam isn't obvious, then they will order the appropriate work-up (which make include some imaging studies). There is normal crepitus (crunching/popping) that occurs when you slide your larynx (voice box) back and forth over top of your spine. It is possible that you are feeling this sensation. Also, the thyroid cartilage (part of your voice box) starts out as cartilage, but tends to ossify over time and it can potentially fracture, so with enough force this could have happened. Lastly, there is something called a hyoid bone in your neck which could fracture with enough force (although uncommon). Hopefully you can get in to see an ENT and they can tell you specifically what they think is going on.

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