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"I have a number of lumps on my shins. Is it lipoma?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a number of lumps on my shins. Is it lipoma?


I have a number of lumps on my shins. I have 2 on each leg exactly opposite each other and more smaller lumps further down. They are all firm and growing rapidly. I saw a doctor and they said it's lipoma and not to worry. They are painful and recently became very itchy. I refuse to have my legs scarred from the Lumps being removed. Is there a needle that I can get to draw them out? There's no family history of lipoma at all. I'm 19 and female. All of a sudden they appeared.


Lipomas are benign growth of adipocytes, also known as fat cells, that can occur throughout the body and affect all ages. I would encourage you to visit your doctor or a healthcare professional for consultation regarding removal of these lesions if you would like them taken out. Do not attempt to remove these lesions by oneself, as there is risk of severe pain, damage to surrounding structures, bleeding and infection if the procedure is not completed appropriately. Lipomas cannot be aspirated with a needle as they are solid structures. Only have them removed by a healthcare professional in a sterile setting with appropriate anesthetic and equipment. Other possible causes of these lesions may include scarring and inflammation, and in very rare cases, malignancy. Lipomas are generally painless, benign growths that can be monitored. Removal by a healthcare professional can typically be done under the appropriate setting with local anesthetic in the clinic. However, some lesions require an operation due to the size or location of the mass. If you have pain, redness, swelling associated with these masses on your leg, then please see your doctor for further evaluation as there may be other causes for the masses other than lipoma.

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