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"Could I have contracted a STD?"

ZocdocAnswersCould I have contracted a STD?


Hiya, About 6 days ago I have had sexual intercourse with a sex worker, I am tottaly ashmed and disgusted with myself, not because of the fear of having contracted an STD but because I find it morally wrong. My question is how likely am I to have caught something during our encounter such as herpes or the virus HIV. I have used the condom throughout even during oral sex, however the condom was covered only 3 quaters of my private part. However what am scared off happened at the end, where I pulled out and started to masturbate and then took off the condom and carried on masturbating, I am so terrified that my hand was wet and I have touched my penis, How likely is it that I now have an std or the virus. I have went to a clinic, however I couldn't be honest and lied, so I wasn't given a reliable eval, I am going to take a test in a week, but please do help me and answer my question. Many thanks.


In general, the odds of contracting an STD from a single sexual encounter are very low. It is difficult to tell from your description how risky your encounter was. You are right that contact with sexual fluids is required for transmission, and it does sound like you might have some contact, but overall it sounds like you had pretty minimal contact making your overall risk even lower. The best course of action is to to simply get tested. You do not have to give all the details to your health care provider, just mention you had a sexual encounter and want to get screened. Most clinics are happy to test anybody who is interested and often this kind of testing is free. The HIV test becomes more accurate as time passes; if it is still within a couple weeks of your sexual encounter, you should get re-tested later or see if your clinic will also check and HIV viral load, which can detect the virus sooner. The Herpes virus is transmitted both through body fluids and through skin-to-skin contact, and is most likely to happen through contact with open sores. Condoms protect against the spread of herpes but don't necessarily prevent it, so in general it is good to avoid numerous sexual encounters with unknown partners. Please go back and get tested and discuss any other concerns you may have with your doctor.

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