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"I have had an headache, extreme sudden fatigue and weakness. What could possibly be wrong with me?"

ZocdocAnswersI have had an headache, extreme sudden fatigue and weakness. What could possibly be wrong with me?


For the past 3 or 4 days I have had an headache, extreme sudden fatigue, & weakness. I have also been experiencing shortness of breath, numb lips, heavy eyes, chills, & small tremors. I've looked on different self diagnosis sites & found that I could be dehydrated, anemia, pregnant, or prediabetic. I do not have health insurance so not trying to go to the ER unless I really need to. What could be wrong with me?


Your symptoms sound most unpleasant, and hopefully you will be feeling better in no time. With any kind of significant change in one's health like this, it is definitely very important that you be evaluated by a physician. The danger with looking up self-diagnosis information is that without the full context of medical training and a discussion of your symptoms, health history, medications, and a physical exam, you may mislead yourself. You could certainly have an infection of some kind, and it would be important to know whether you are currently have any fevers or whether you have any findings on physical exam that might suggest a source. It might also be helpful to check some basic blood work and determine if you have any elevations in white blood cells (can be associated with infection) or changes in your basic chemistry panel (which can make someone feel unwell). Pregnancy would not typically cause most of the symptoms you describe, but if you are concerned that you could be pregnant, then that is an important thing to determine. The ER is often not the best place to answer these kinds of questions; even without medical insurance, there should be a primary care clinic in your community that works with patients without insurance. With all of these new symptoms and changes in your health, you really do need to see a physician to help determine what additional steps are needed to arrive at a diagnosis and help get you feeling better.

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