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"Theres a burning feeling inside while having sex, what could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersTheres a burning feeling inside while having sex, what could it be?


Part of it is sore and bothers me when I have sex, sometimes Theres a burning feeling inside while having sex


I am sorry to hear about your symptoms. They are clearly having a significant impact on your life. In order to provide an accurate diagnosis to explain your symptoms, you will need to have a doctor review your medical history in detail and also perform a physical exam. This will include a pelvic exam. Therefore, I recommend you schedule an appointment with a gynecologist. After a thorough, in-person evaluation, the doctor can discuss potential causes for your symptoms and make recommendations on treatment options. In patients experiencing discomfort during sexual intercourse, it is important to rule out sexually transmitted diseases. Infections such as chlamydia or gonorrhea can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, which can cause severe pain during intercourse. Herpes can cause painful vaginal lesions, as well, and HIV is always a consideration. You will require special testing to rule out these infections. Because of the proximity of the urethra to the vagina, you may be suffering from a urinary tract infection. These typically require a short course of antibiotics to treat. Other possibilities include anatomic abnormalities of the vagina or cervix, vaginal mucosa tear or irritation, or psychologic factors causing increasing tension of the vagina during intercourse. I encourage you to discuss these possibilities with a gynecologist.

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