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"I got concussed nearly 3 months ago and I am still having serious issues. What should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI got concussed nearly 3 months ago and I am still having serious issues. What should I do?


I became concussed nearly 3 months ago and I am still having serious issues. I have seen my doctor many times but she isn't sure how to treat me. I was put on an antidepressant but the symptoms increased and I began having suicidal thoughts. I was recommended to take a few vitamins and have been for a month now. They have helped but there is just something not right going on in my head. The vitamins are: multivitamin, biotin, b complex, calcium, calcium magnesium zinc, coq10. I have began having suicidal thoughts again because of how painful it is. Emotionally painful I mean.


This is an excellent question and one that is best answered by your primary care doctor or another medical professional who can perform a complete physical and obtain a history about your condition. Concussions can cause severe depression and this can lead to very serious issues such as those that you have described. If your current doctor is not adequately treating the depression you are having, it is important that you change doctors or even go to the emergency room as this can be a very serious issue and may cause you to harm yourself or even kill yourself. The vitamins prescribed will not likely be enough to treat the depression symptoms you are having and depending on the extent of suicidal ideations you are having, your doctor may recommend increasing the anti-depressive medications or even hospitalizing you to treat you as an in-patient. It is unclear from your history whether they have performed any type of imaging study on your brain but an MRI or CT scan may be helpful for them to make sure there was no damage to your brain that is causing these issues. They may also consider performing an EEG to make sure you are not having seizures as this is another symptom of concussion.

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