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"Can I be induced without an ob gym (over due date)?"


I'm 40 weeks 3 day's over due in lots of pain with my back I have no ob gyn


The most important advice that I can provide you with the information that you have given me in your question is that you need to go see an OB/GYN right away. You're already a week past term and have not yet seen a doctor that will help you deliver the child. If you had an OB/GYN and were seeing him or her regularly in the office, induction at term around 39 weeks is not an uncommon thing to do especially if there are symptoms such as pain or other circumstances.

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Induction prior to 39 weeks is almost never done because it has been shown to have more of an adverse effect on the fetus, and there is an increased likelihood of having to undergo a C-section. I assume that there is a hospital in your local area that you can go to. I would suggest that you call the OB/GYN practice near you as soon as possible. You need to get an appointment today so that you can be evaluated prior to going into labor. This is especially true since you are approaching post term (or overdo) in just a few days. I hope that your delivery goes well.

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