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"I accidentally touched blood with my hands. Could I have caught something?"


hi i work as a pharmacist in a hospital i went to the blood lab to disinfect my hands with alcohol 70 % after i opened the bottle i noticed a fresh wet patient blood on a slide on the bench i i m not sure if the bottle had blood on it but i did have some small wound on the back of my hand and near my finger nails i rubbed my hands with some alcohol i m very afraid of hiv infection or hepatitis c i m panic and need your help please thank u in advance


That is an excellent question and one that is best answered by your primary care doctor or other doctor specializing in the treatment of infectious diseases. Since there is limited history regarding your age, gender, other comorbidities, or the exact underlying cause for the type of exposure that you may have had so it is best that you are evaluated by a doctor who can decide what is going on and whether something happened that may be concerning for transmission of a blood borne infection. That being said, from the description you have provided, it is extremely unlikely that you had an exposure that would lead you to a high risk for transmission of a blood borne disease.

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If you had known infected blood that went into a mucous membrane or was in an injection that stabbed you, you would be at a much higher risk for transmission but based upon the very minor exposure and the fact that you may not have even had an opening in your skin in close proximity to where the blood was, the likelihood of you getting infected is very low, but of course, it is best to be safe and discuss your concerns with a doctor.

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