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"My fiance has a ball inside his nut sack. Could it be cancer?"

ZocdocAnswersMy fiance has a ball inside his nut sack. Could it be cancer?


my fiance has a ball inside his nut sack that he has had for a while. now he is starting to pee blood and cum blood as well. he says that it hurts in general and hurts more with an erection.


I would strongly advise your fiance to go see a doctor, as it is not normal to pee blood or to have testicular pain. Generally speaking, there are many causes of testicular masses. Testicular cancer can cause a mass or lump on the testes, but many other things can cause testicular lesions or pain, including fluid collections in the spermatic cord or the tissues of the scrotum (called a hydrocele or a spermatocele), and outpouchings of the blood vessels that feed the testes (called a varicocele). Certain infections, such as orchitis or epididymitis, can cause tender testes, and a hernia can cause a bulge and be painful. Symptoms such as peeing blood are concerning for either cancer or infection, which can include a urinary tract infection, and really need to be evaluated as soon as possible. Your fiance's primary care doctor can perform an exam and determine what additional tests need to be sent. He can also see a urologist for a specialist opinion. If his pain were to become much worse and more severe, or if he develops fevers with shaking chills, foul smelling urine, dizziness and light-headedness, he should go immediately to the emergency room for further evaluation.

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