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"I noticed a marble feeling lump in my right breast, but it's not showing on ultrasound. Is this something to worry about?"

ZocdocAnswersI noticed a marble feeling lump in my right breast, but it's not showing on ultrasound. Is this something to worry about?


Mom had CA and her sister both of breast I'm in harmonies should info something they say I'm fine and I'm scared


A lump is a common complaint across many age ranges and has a number of possible diagnoses. You should contact your doctor to receive a thorough evaluation. Since you already received an ultrasound, it sounds like you may have seen one doctor already. If you continue to be concerned, you may consider getting a second opinion. Questions that are relevant to breast lumps include your family history (as you mentioned above), whether family members with breast cancer have received genetic screening, associated pain with your lump, nipple discharge, or additional lumps you may feel. A simple cyst is an encapsulated pocket of fluid within your breast tissue that is generally considered benign; however, complex cysts have the possibility of having additional processes such as malignancy associated with them. An abscess if a pocket of pus that your body has attempted to wall off to avoid spread of infection. A lump could also be a fibroadenoma (a benign tumor), a phyllodes tumor (a tumor that has the potential to be benign or malignant), fibrocystic breast tissue that can alter with hormonal changes such as menstrual cycle, or a breast cancer. Having a family history of breast cancer can increase your own risk. It is not possible to receive a diagnosis without seeing a physician. You should seek consultation with a doctor to further relay your concerns and discuss diagnosis and potential management strategies.

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