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"What can I do about the pain in my butt?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can I do about the pain in my butt?


Every time I have to poop it hurts, even to fart it hurts. It also hurts when I sit, I have been putting hemorroid cream, but it still hurts alot.


Thank you for your question regarding anal pain with pressure. It is difficult to hypothesize the cause of your pain without a proper physical examination. I encourage you to visit your primary care doctor who can visually inspect the area and ask you more directed questions about your symptoms. That being said, hemorrhoids could certainly be a source for anal pain, particularly when bearing down. Hemorrhoids are normal veins that exist in the rectum but can become a problem when they get swollen, itchy, and painful. They can also cause rectal bleeding which ranges from bleeding just on the toilet paper when wiping or bleeding that coats the stool. Doctors sometimes differentiate between internal and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids you can't see and typically don't cause pain, while external hemorrhoids can be visible and usually cause pain. The best thing to do to prevent hemorrhoids is to make sure you are not constipated, by eating lots of fiber in the form of fruits and vegetables, and taking fiber supplements or stool softeners if needed. You should discuss with your doctor the best options for you. This can range from using over the counter creams/ointments to relieve the pain and swelling, or if symptoms are quite severe or bleeding excessive, a doctor can talk to you about removing the hemorrhoids by tying them off or using lasers or heat treatments. Please talk with your doctor about the best options for you.

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