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"Is drinking water with sugar bad for you?"

ZocdocAnswersIs drinking water with sugar bad for you?


Just a little just to give it some flavor


That is a good question and one that is best answered by your primary care doctor a dietician. In general, anything in moderation is ok. For instance, if drinking water with a touch of sugar encourages you to drink more water then certainly it is not a bad idea to add a touch of sugar. If you are talking about multiple tablespoons of sugar then it is not a good idea and you should consider natural alternatives to improve the taste of water such as lemon or lime. If you have diabetes or other conditions that stop you from taking in excess sugar, then this is not a good idea and you should avoid this at all costs. You may consider adding some artificial sweetener to your water although there are some issues related to that and you should discuss all the options wiht your doctor. In the end, if you can drink water by itself, that is ideal. If a small amount of sugar or flavoring helps you and you do not have any medical conditions that preclude you from doing so, then that is ok as well. And consult your doctor about how much water to drink as most of us don't drink enough.

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