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Whenever I hear or see pain, blood, or anything mildly gross, my body goes into overdrive. What is wrong with my body?

It is the weirdest thing but whenever I hear or see pain, blood, or anything mildly gross, my body goes into overdrive. It used to be concentrated in my vagina, as in it would tickle- almost spasm if I heard something gross. Now it's spread to my hips, arms and legs. It drives me nuts, I get so grossed out my arms or legs hurt so badly I have to shake them until it stops. What could this be?
Thank you for this interesting question, and I recommend you that you seek medical guidance. The brain and nerves of the body have incredible powers to make us perceive things that are not real on a regular basis. It is quite common in medicine for people to feel the pain of a procedure before the procedure even begins, and for others to feel the relief of pain medication before it is even injected. Our brains are truly amazing, which is almost always to our benefit. Because of them, we are able to avoid dangerous and unpleasant situations that would possibly lead to us not being well. Unfortunately, there are times when the brain can work against us and cause us to feel dysphoria, or unpleasant sensations, at times when we do not need to be protected against anything at all. This appears to be some of what you are describing. Fortunately, there may be things that can be done to help you overcome this. It may take working with the right kind of physician to help with this problem. While neurologists generally treat nerve conditions, there may be some value in speaking with a psychiatrist or even a physiatrist as well. Please speak with your doctor for further guidance.
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