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"Can I take Citalopram and Tramadol together? "

ZocdocAnswersCan I take Citalopram and Tramadol together?


I take 40 MG of citalopram and pain Dr. prescribed Tramadol 50MG 4 times daily.Pharmacy said there is a high risk of interaction and called the PA to see what she wanted to do. PA said it was fine and downplayed the interaction. Should I be worried about Serotonin Syndrome? I have never taken these meds together.


Thank you for this interesting question. Issues related to medication interactions are quite complex. When making recommendations regarding the safety of different medications, it is critical that a physician be able to fully review your medical history as well as a list of your medications and other supplements. It is also important to know the reason you are taking each medications and whether you have failed other treatments. In your case, I think you need to schedule an appointment with a primary care physician who can review your records and make specific recommendations on the safety of these medications. Citalopram is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor that is often used to treat depression. Tramadol is a medication that acts similar to an opiate without the addictive properties of most opiates. It also has many non-selective actions and leads to increased serotonin release. The combination of the two can lead to dangerously high serotonin levels. In some patients, this leads to serotonin syndrome. This is a life threatening condition characterized by dangerously high fevers and muscle rigidity. Due to the potentially fatal interaction of these medications, you should review their safety with a primary care doctor to determine if there are alternatives that may be reasonable for you.

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