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"I'm a 33 yr old male taking 10mg of DHEA daily. Is this safe?"


Concerns with risks of cancer


Thank you for your question. In order to provide an accurate answer on the safety of DHEA, I would need to know whether your suffer from any other medical conditions. I would also need to know your full family history and what other medications and supplements you take.

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Additionally, I would need to perform a thorough physical exam. Only after collecting this information would it be possible to make an accurate recommendation. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to discuss this with a primary care doctor. DHEA is a steroid hormone naturally produced in the body, although there are safety concerns about using it a supplement to build muscle. Many sports organizations have banned its use as a performance enhancing drug. There are some data suggesting it may increase your risk of prostate enlargement or prostate cancer. It can affect cholesterol and blood sugar homeostasis. It can also affect mood, skin oil production, and acne development. Supplements like DHEA are not regulated by the FDA like other medications. Studies have shown that many supplements contain substances other than what they claim. There have been high profile cases of supplements causing severe organ dysfunction or even death. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to discuss this with a primary care doctor.

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