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"My penis won't get a 100% erect. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersMy penis won't get a 100% erect. What could it be?


and my doctor said i was borderline diabetic!!!!!!!! and that was years ago.


Erectile dysfunction affect many men. It can be caused by a variety of things, so it is important to search medical help. This includes neurologic problems that lead to autonomic dysfunction, which is part of the nervous system that controls erections. Diabetes is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction. This is because elevated blood glucose levels can be toxic to the small nerves causing them to die. This in turn, affects the function of these nerves. Commonly, man will have trouble with erection and tingling/pain/numbness in their legs and feet. Smoking can also lead to erectile disfunction causing vascular problems. This is similar to peripheral vascular disease, that is dysfunction of the small vessels that supply the penis and the nerves in that area. Peripheral vascular disease can be caused by aging/genetic factors, environmental factors include obesity, lack of exercise, sedentary life stile. The damage to these small blood vessels can also be caused by diabetes or made worse by diabetes. More rare, tumors compressing the spinal cord or its roots can lead to erectile dysfunction and other neurologic problems. Thus, it is important to search medical help soon give treatment is often times necessary in order to relieve erectile dysfunction. Most importantly, treating the underlying cause will help prevent further damage and further complications.

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