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"I have an UTI and i just peed blood. What should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI have an UTI and i just peed blood. What should I do?


I scheduled an appointment yesterday but today I just peed blood my appointment isn't till next week. what do I do?


It is difficult for me to tell what you might have based on your description, but what I can tell you for sure that you need to be seen by a doctor very soon for this problem. The typical symptoms of a urinary tract infection include painful urination, pelvic pain, urinary urgency, urinary frequency, fever, and sometimes back pain if the infection has spread towards the kidneys. Peeing blood, also known as hematuria, is another symptom you could be having and could be a sign of infection. However, gross blood in the urine is not usually the first and only symptom of a urinary tract infection. I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. The first step is for you to have a urinalysis with sedimentation analysis. The purpose of this is to look for signs of infection and also to look at why your urine appears bloody. It could be that your urine contains hemoglobin which can make it turn red, but is not necessarily red blood cells. If your urinalysis shows signs of infection, then you will need a urine culture but in the meantime will need to be placed on antibiotics so that the infection can be treated while awaiting the culture data. Again, please speak with your doctor.

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