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"Could my son have leukemia?"

ZocdocAnswersCould my son have leukemia?


My 14 month old son has had a low grade fever for 3 weeks. It started as strep but he was treated and a second strep swab was negative. However, he has continued to run around 100.2 every night for 3 weeks. Also, his lymph nodes in his neck, above his collar bone and in his groin are all swollen. They are not hard or fixed, but I've read that supraclavicular nodes are especially concerning. He did have decreased appetite and had lost a few ounce but nothing significant. Acts fine otherwise. No bleeding, bruising, and is still playful as usual. We've been to see the pedi several times. She ran a CBC, sed rate, and crp. All were normal, with the exception of slightly elevated monocytes. He's always been slightly anemic as he was a preemie (born at 33 weeks). We go back for more testing if he's no better in 3 days but I'm driving myself crazy worrying now. Are his symptoms consistent with leukemia/lymphoma???


So sorry to hear about all of your worries. It sounds like you have been very active in trying to make sure that your son is well, and thus far all of the testing seems to indicate that he is. It is very common for parents to continue to worry despite multiple tests that can have good results. The good news is that most things thus far are consistent with your son NOT having lymphoma. While swollen lymph nodes can be a sign of lymphoma, there are many other reasons that a child can have this sort of change. For that reason, it is appropriate to continue to work with your doctor. In some cases, he or she may feel that it is necessary to visit with another specialist who may be able to provide further insight. In rare situations, more invasive measures can be taken. Most often, however, if a child is continuing to grow and develop appropriately, that is a good sign that there is not something more serious underneath. While all parents are intermittently concerned for their children, it is good to have faith in good news every once in a while! Please continue to work with your doctor and discuss these concerns with him or her.

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