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"What is the likelihood of an 18 year old male having DVT?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is the likelihood of an 18 year old male having DVT?


I have pain in my left thigh and right shin. I also have back pain and very acute chest pain. The chest pain is not centralized, but of more of a random pinch in sporadic places. I have no swelling, no redness, no sensitivity, no light headedness, no other symptom than just pain. The only risk factor I fall under is that my moms side of the family has a history of blood clots. Other than that, I am completely healthy. Pllllease help me because I have become very anxious and nervous about this, and I just want some answers :(


I am sorry to hear about your concerning symptoms. It is very important to be able to fully review your medical history and your family's medical history. Additionally, it is not possible to provide an accurate diagnosis without performing a thorough physical exam. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with a primary care doctor who can help determine the next best course of action. Blood clots can occur when venous blood pools in the extremities in an individual at increased risk for blood clot. Common conditions that increase risk of blood clot include immobility (such as after surgery or a long plane flight), genetic hypercoagulability conditions, inflammatory disorders, and tumors. As you mentioned, some families have a long history of blood clots, which could be due to a genetic disorder. You have a variety of symptoms that could be due to a blood clot but may very well be due to another single disorder or a variety of conditions. I encourage you to see a primary care doctor to determine the cause of these symptoms. If there is concern for a blood clot in your legs, you may need to undergo an ultrasound of your extremities to rule this out.

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