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"I have cotton stuck in my belly button. What should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI have cotton stuck in my belly button. What should I do?


I was cleaning my belly button with peroxide and a q-tip the cotton part slid off the q-tip and is now stuck in my belly button . I


Thank you for question regarding cotton stuck in your belly button. This sounds like an annoying problem! It seems your question may have gotten cut off prematurely, so I'm not sure what you may have tried already, os please speak with your doctor about this question. That being said, the first thing that I would try in removing the piece of cotton in your belly button is a pair of tweezers. These can be the tweezers one would use to pluck eyebrow hairs. They have a fine tip that will make reaching into the small space of a belly button easier. Also, the tweezer tips are more adept at grasping onto something as fine as strands of cotton. If this does not work, you may have some luck using the small hose of a vacuum cleaner. The suction action of the vacuum may be successful at pulling out the piece of cotton. Be careful that you only place the hose of vacuum cleaner just briefly, a few seconds, over the belly button area. You don't want to hold it over the skin for too long; this may cause irritation or discomfort on the skin. Simply showering with soap and water and thoroughly cleaning the belly button with your finger may also do the trick. Again, please contact your doctor if you need further attention to this matter.

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