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"My child is 4. She has had a fever for the past few days and her ayes are bloodshot red. What could it be?"


My child is 4 and she has had a fever for the past few days and her ayes are bloodshot red. She also has random itchy rashes that pop up on her arms, hands, etc. I gave her Benadryl and it doesn't seem to help her. I've taken her to a walk in clinic and they have no answers.


So sorry to hear about your daughter not feeling well. I am glad to hear that you have already been to see a doctor. One of the hard things about the walk in clinics is the lack of continuity of care.

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In other words, one of the best ways that doctors have to determine if something is serious is to give it some time. For most things, at least those that aren't emergencies, this "tincture of time" will help to clarify whether or not something is serious. Unfortunately, the advent of urgent cares and walk in clinics has made this more difficult. The disjointed nature of care can make it harder for patients to receive the best care. The good news is that your daughter did not have anything overly concerning to the care provider who saw her a few days ago. Many of the most common explanations for red eyes and a low grade fever in a child are viral infections, such as a viral upper respiratory tract infection. Most people aren't aware that viral "pink eye" (AKA conjunctivitis) is actually just a variant of the common cold. As there are many other things that could be causing her symptoms, please speak with her pediatrician or doctor.

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