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"I have a white creamy discharge. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a white creamy discharge. What could it be?


Im 43 yo female my boyfriend and i have sex daily for the last 3 months, the last few times I've had a white creamy discharge, no odor, no itch, no pain,he questioned if i was cheating (like it was someone elses semen inside me) i have been nothing but faithful and i have been tested for all std's yearly....and i havent had sex since with anyone since nov 2012, sometimes he uses his saliva to help lubricate (im small, hes large) how do i explain this could just be normal, or a result of friction


Vaginal discharge can vary for many reasons, so it is important to speak with your doctor. It can vary over the course of your menstrual cycle, with your diet, whether you're on hormonal contraceptives, and also with your level of sexual arousal. Most women will produce thicker and more copious vaginal discharge when they are sexually aroused and if you are having a lot of sex this could explain part of it. STDs can cause increased vaginal discharge, and if you haven't been tested recently it is worth having both of you get tested at least once. You can also have infections that are not necessarily sexually transmitted that can change your vaginal discharge. A yeast infection can cause thicker, white discharge, though will often cause symptoms of burning, redness or itching. Bacterial vaginosis can cause a thin gray white discharge and a strange fishy odor. Trichemoniasis can also cause a change in vaginal discharge and symptoms of burning or itching. Women will also sometimes get thinner vaginal mucosa with age, and this can cause irritation and potentially a change in discharge. Again, I would go see your doctor who can do a pelvic exam and examine the discharge for any of these conditions, which are easily treatable.

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