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"If my blood-work is fine, why should I still need to make an appointement? "

ZocdocAnswersIf my blood-work is fine, why should I still need to make an appointement?


I called up the doctor today to ask about my blood test results. I was tested for Vitamins and Blood Amount. And on the phone she said everything is fine, but she has been trying to reach me but she had the wrong number. She also said the doctor wants to see me within the next month or so. So she said my bloodwork is fine, but still i need to make an appointement? And she has been trying to reach me. Could there be something wrong, but she said it was fine anyways? Im really worried :(


Routine appointments to discuss the results of laboratory testing are very common and usually no cause for concern. It is very important that you do schedule an appointment to meet with your doctor, however, as he or she may want to obtain a history, perform a focused physical examination, and run any further testing that is indicated. A follow up appointment after lab tests is usually done to speak with the patient in person and address the results. Even if all of the testing is completely normal, your doctor may want to send further tests or to discuss testing down the line that is indicated for normal health maintenance. I think the fact that she wants to see you in the next month or so is reassuring that there is nothing that needs to be addressed urgently based on your blood work, as she would likely want a more rapid follow up appointment if this were the case. It is also possible that there is a slight abnormality on your lab results and that she did not want to worry you over the phone but thinks it is something that you should address at a follow up appointment. For instance, it is very common for women who are still menstruating to have a slight iron-deficiency anemia, which is easily treated with supplementary iron. Again, I would not be too concerned by the fact that your doctor would like to see you again in clinic. It is likely to continue discussion on health maintenance and to review your laboratory testing in person. I highly recommend that you make an appointment to see your doctor at the prescribed time to address these topics.

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