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Is it safe to take blood pressure tablet mixed with black tea?

my husband has blood pressure which is not ver high. he has to take medicne everyday and now he is not taking. so i want to give him without his knowledge
Thank you for your question. In order to provide a safe and accurate answer, I would need more information. I would need to know the details of your husband's medical history and also perform a thorough physical exam. I would also need a full list of his medications and also a log of his blood pressure readings at various points of the day. Only after collecting this information would it be possible to answer your question. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to discuss your concerns with a primary care doctor. Hypertension is a serious medical problem throughout the world. Poorly controlled blood pressure over time significantly increases the risk of developing coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, stroke, and kidney disease. Fortunately, there are numerous medications with typically acceptable side effect profile that can treat hypertension. In your husband's cases, I would need to know what medication he was previously taking, and I would also need to know whether his blood pressure is still elevated. Taking blood pressure medication with a normal blood pressure can cause severe hypotension, which can be very dangerous. In addition, black tea could have dangerous interactions with his medication. I encourage you to discuss your concerns with a primary care doctor.
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