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"When I will walk again?"

ZocdocAnswersWhen I will walk again?


5 weeks ago while playing basketball, I suffered a non-displaced proximal spiral fibula fracture ..along with the twisting action I consequently tore/ruptured 85-90% of the ligaments in my ankle. I was recently cleared to put partial weight on the foot but it can handle half weight comfortably.


I'm sorry to hear about your injury. Based on your description, it sounds like you suffered a pretty severe injury for which you either already underwent surgery for or may likely require surgery for ultimately. Before we get into the details, I just want to emphasize that you should always follow up with your orthopaedic surgeon for definitive evaluation and treatment. That said, bone healing typically takes six to eight weeks in otherwise healthy adults. If your tibia was not fixed with surgery, we typically would not let you start weightbearing until around that time so as not to displace the fracture. If you had had your tibia fixed, you could have potentially started weightbearing even sooner. An underlying fracture like yours is the main reason to limit your weightbearing. In your case, however, it sounds like you also have a multi-ligamentous ankle injury, which is also very concerning. Ligaments provide stability to your joint, akin to the screws and nuts that hold together the wooden components of a table. In your case, not only is one table leg broken, but the nuts and bolts are loose. In order to progress with weightbearing, you will first have to determine for sure the degree of damage, and find out whether or not it requires surgery (which I would think you would based on your description). If you do not need surgery, I would recommend some kind of stabilizing brace, boot or cast before progressing your weightbearing. Again, please consult your orthopaedic surgeon for definitive evaluation and treatment.

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