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"My friend had measles about a month ago. Could I have caught it?"

ZocdocAnswersMy friend had measles about a month ago. Could I have caught it?


( onset of symptoms on the 14th of nov, appearance of rash on the 18th) Two days ago we went out together because all her spots are gone however now I am getting concerned about the chances of her transmitting it to me. I have been vaccinated before so does that mean that there are very very slim chances of me getting it? I have seen three gp today and three have given me different anserws. I am really concern and I cant get a blood test until next week :(


Hello, I am sorry to hear your friend had measles, this is very rare now in the United States. You are correct, though, that if you are vaccinated, the chances of you catching the disease is extremely low. The vaccine gives you very good immunity to the disease. So, already I believe you are at very low risk for getting the infection. In addition, the measles are the most contagious from four days before getting the rash to three days after the rash has resolved. So, if you saw your friend after all her spots are gone, it is most likely that she was no longer contagious. The combination of the low risk of her being contagious and the fact that you already have the vaccine, would lead me to believe that your risk is incredibly low. That being said, if you are having any symptoms or are concerned in any way, I would visit your primary care physician. The symptoms of the disease include a very high fever (usually around 104 degrees Fahrenheit), feeling ill (like you would with a cold), spots in your mouth, a red splotchy rash that starts on the face and spreads to the body, or a sore throat.

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