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"I have anal fissure. What should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI have anal fissure. What should I do?


i have anal fissure for a while now almost one year, i've tried a lot of medicines and it still the same. i have no blood, but i can feel that the pain is not from the cut it self, i think it from the muscle it self, and i feel that this pain is also making it hurts when i pee, i have pain sometimes under my testicle, is this related to the pain in the muscle? and if i wanted to do surgery; what is the surgery risks?


Anal fissures are tears in the walls of the rectum that is caused by constipation. I recommend that you discuss your concerns with your doctor. It causes pain when someone has a bowel movement. It can sometimes cause small amounts of blood in the stool. In order to prevent anal fissures, you should ensure that you have a lifestyle that promotes good bowel health such as a diet rich in fiber and adequate hydration. Fiber helps pull fluid into your stool so that it can become soft and bulky so it can move through the colon more easily. Adequate hydration also helps prevent constipation. When you are constipated, there is an increased amount of abdominal pressures that build up when you have a bowel movement. The stool is also sometimes hard which contributes to the severity of the anal fissures. There are no quick fixes since it can recur if you do not make these lifestyle changes. If you have already attempted these changes but have not seen any improvement, you can speak with your doctor about different medications that can help with your stool. You can also speak with your doctor about whether surgery could be beneficial. Surgery can help at the moment but you must ensure that you fix the underlying cause of the anal fissure first.

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