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"The whites of both my eyes are very yellow and I haven't been feeling good. What is wrong with me?"

ZocdocAnswersThe whites of both my eyes are very yellow and I haven't been feeling good. What is wrong with me?


No appetite. I haven't been feeling good and vomiting


Please speak with your doctor or go to the emergency department immediately! A change in the color of the skin or the eyes is not something that is normal, and the symptoms that you seem to be describing are at least concerning for jaundice. Jaundice is a yellowing of the skin that can sometimes accompany severe liver problems, and requires immediate medical attention to make sure that you are well. The liver is a very important organ that is responsible for many aspects of metabolism and also for filtering the blood, and so any problems that occur with the liver are very serious and should be respected. Infections such as hepatitis, and also other things such as foods and toxins can lead to some of your symptoms at times. The fact that you are feeling that you have no appetite is also concerning, as that can also be a concern when the liver is not acting appropriately. Your doctor will be able to complete a physical exam and then be able to make some recommendations about next steps. With some simple lab tests, he or she can determine if your liver is having problems, or if there is some other explanation for your symptoms. Please speak with your doctor immediately.

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