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"What to do if my 18 son got his 1st HPV shot and won't ever get his 2nd and 3rd HPV shots?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat to do if my 18 son got his 1st HPV shot and won't ever get his 2nd and 3rd HPV shots?


Hi, please answer me this for they say at the hospital that my son went and got his second and third shots but he never did. So they won't let my son take his second and third shots and I want to know what are the consequences of not letting my child have his second and third shots of HPV. Please answer me this question as soon as possible! Thank you so much! This is great to have this place to ask real Docs about anything, thank you for this awesome site!


Hello, I am glad to hear that your son got the HPV vaccine. It is fairly recent that the vaccine is recommended in both men and women to prevent the spread of HPV, as the vaccine works very well against some strains of this virus. The vaccine he most likely received is called Gardasil and you are correct that it comes in a series of three. Although this sounds like a difficult situation, my recommendation would be to obtain formal documentation about the vaccines, as the vaccine really works best after you receive all three shots. You could also get his primary care doctor or pediatrician involved, as they may be able to advocate for insurance covering the next two shots if you are quite sure he didn't receive them. I would advise you to speak to his doctor about this. That being said, studies have shown that you do have some immune response (meaning that your body makes defenses against the virus) after just the first dose of the vaccine. Given that he hasn't had the whole series, and just for general health, you or someone else who is comfortable doing so, should speak to your son about having protected sex always. Condoms are the best protection against sexually transmitted infections, and your son should use this regardless.

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