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"Do I have a yeast infection?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I have a yeast infection?


Im male, 15, i sometimes masturbate, penis is itchy, sore, looks wrinkly and dry. The tip of it looks like it is chapped


Thank you for your question regarding the appearance of your penis. I can understand why you might be concerned. However, it is difficult to guess what might be going on without being able to visually inspect the area. Therefore, I encourage you to visit your primary care physician, who can perform a physical examination and obtain important details about your medical history which are vital to determining the cause of your symptoms. Having said that, yeast infections can certainly cause some of the symptoms you have described. Although yeast infections are more common in females, males can develop them too. Sexual intercourse with a female who has a yeast infection can lead to transmission of the infection; however, it is not a sexually transmitted disease (STD). If you are concerned about a yeast infection because you have recently had unprotected sex with someone who had a yeast infection, it is also important to consider other STDs that could be responsible for these symptoms. For example, trichomoniasis is an STD which can cause symptoms including pain, burning, or itchiness of the penis, as well as painful urination. Both yeast infections and trichomoniasis can easily be treated. That being said, your penis could be itchy and dry simply because the skin is dry. Like skin anywhere else on your body, the skin on your penis is susceptible to drying out, especially in certain environments such as winter. You may only need to apply some lotion to the area. Please visit your doctor who can help you with managing your symptoms.

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