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In first OCT of my Central Serous Retinopathy the fluid packet was .46 mm but after two weeks OCT shows its .44 mm. How to read these results?

In first OCT of my CSR the fluid packet was .46 mm but after two weeks OCT shows its .44 mm. However the shadow I see has increased in diameter. Do you think this is good or bad? I would really appreciate your help! Regards, Bilal
Thank you for your question regarding the results from your recent optical coherence tomography (OCT) test. You are certainly not expected to be able to interpret the results of your OCT on your own; this is testing that should be interpreted by an ophthalmologist who should then discuss the results with you. As I hope that an ophthalmologist has already described to you, Central Serous Retinopathy (CSR) is a condition that usually occurs in one eye when fluid collects under the retina, the back portion of our eyes which is responsible for our vision. CSR is a condition that is idiopathic, meaning we do not know why it occurs, but tends to be seen in young males aged 20-50; it appears to also be correlated with stress and steroid medication use. There is no specific treatment for CSR, but the prognosis is excellent, with almost all patients regaining their vision within 4-6 months after developing the condition. An ophthalmologist will generally perform OCT testing in order to track the progress of fluid resorption, to make sure the fluid under the retina is slowly going away on its own. It has only been two weeks since your first OCT, so a very minimal reduction in the amount of subretinal fluid is to be expected. Your ophthalmologist will likely perform serial testing over the next few months to monitor the progress, but you should expect that fluid resorption may take some time. Please discuss this further with your ophthalmologist.
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