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"I am suffering severe headache and I am hypertensive. What should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI am suffering severe headache and I am hypertensive. What should I do?


female, 55 years, 75 kg and obese. hypertensive 160/110 Hg. doctor prescribes olmesartan , suffering severe headache.


You should speak with your doctor about this problem immediately. While headaches can have many different causes, hypertensive headaches can be a sign of a serious problem, and often require immediate treatment. It is also important to know how you are checking your blood pressure, as there can be quite a range in most home blood pressure monitoring kits, ie, they are not necessarily very accurate. The most common type of headache for most people is a migraine, which can have nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity, and make you just want to rest in a dark room. Other types of headaches include cluster headaches, tension headaches, and headaches from other causes. Within that last category are the headaches that can come from some of the more serious reasons. In those with hypertension, there is always the concern of there being a serious bleed or other problem caused by a headache. When people have the worst headache of their life, it is important for that person to seek immediate medical assistance, as that can be a symptom of a life threatening condition. You will know your symptoms best, and also your medical history, but you should be advised to discuss this with your doctor.

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