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"Whats wrong with my lips?"


My lips have been severely dry for about two weeks now. The corners of my mouth hurt when I open my mouth to big. My bottom lip oozes at random times. All around my mouth is dry & flaking especially in the corners. I have noticed one small blister on my bottom lip that is there sometimes & repeatedly comes back. What's wrong with me!?


Sorry to hear about your painful problem. There are a couple of obvious first solutions that come to mind, but your doctor will need to help you more to make sure and to be able to help you begin to feel better. First, dehydration or poor hydration can lead to dry skin around the lips just like anywhere else.

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Increasing your fluid intake can be helpful, although those with some heart and other conditions need to do this with care. Ointments and salves can provide some relief in these situations as well, both while the tissue is healing and afterwards by increasing protection. Beyond that obvious answer, angular cheilitis can occur with some nutritional deficiencies which are common in some groups of people who do not have a well balanced diet or have other reasons that they may not be taking in nutrients appropriately. Speaking with your doctor may help to uncover other possible explanations for your symptoms as well, and is something that you should do as your symptoms have persisted for some time. Please speak with your doctor about these symptoms, and follow his or her recommendations as needed to feel better. An ENT may also be able to help.

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