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"What is going on with my ear?"

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I had a sinus infection that was treated with amoxacillin and then I got earaches in both ears and a constant ringing in my right ear. Doc flushed out wax with. Cool water and peroxide, but still had earaches and constant ringing in right ear. Was given presnadone but it did not work, so doc put me on augmenting and ringing got quieter and earaches pretty much stopped, but the ringing is still constant, just quieter and moretolerable. I do have a soreness in my right neck down from my right tonsil and right ear, supposedly my eustachion tube is clogged?


Sorry to hear that you have been having a problem with your ear after having a sinus infection, and that you are worried about it. I am going to recommend that you make an appointment with an ENT or Ear Nose Throat physician (or otolaryngologist). They will be able to examine you thoroughly and take a good history, including looking in your ear. If you are still having sinus problems, they may also look in your nose with a small scope that can tell then if there is purulence (pus) draining from your sinuses, or if your eustachian tube is obstructed. It is entirely possible that you had an upper respiratory infection, or sinus infection that led to swelling in the back of your nose and obstruction of the eustachian tube (this tube normally functions to bring air from the back of your nose to your middle ear). A plugged eustachian tube can lead to negative pressure in your middle ear and a muffled sound and earaches. Also it is not uncommon to have tinnitus, or ringing in your ears with this. when they examine you, they should be able to tell if your ear looks normal or not. If it looks normal, then they may order a hearing test to see if there has been any hearing loss (which can also cause ringing). Again, please speak with an ENT physician. I wish you all the best.

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