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"Is a woman able to get pregnant after menopause?"


My wife has gone through menopause and is 56 yrs. old. She cannot take birth control due to beating estrogen positive breast cancer. Is protection to prevent pregnancy still necessary for me?


I recommend that you discuss this concern with her doctor. As a general rule, women are unable to become pregnant after they have passed completely through menopause. With that said, couples still need to be careful of pregnancy when women are approaching menopause or when they are going through menopause.

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At the age of 56, your wife has most likely passed through menopause and is therefore unable to become pregnant again. The reason for this is that the ovaries no longer produce estrogen in amounts that are necessary to achieve pregnancy in a natural way. Most physicians will say to a couple that birth control itself is probably unnecessary at a certain point. However, some physicians will want to verify menopause through a blood test just to make sure before providing that advice. The blood test that would be necessary in your wife's case is an FSH and LH test. These hormones which are made by the anterior pituitary, are generally very high during menopause which signify that the ovaries are no longer functioning. If you are worried about pregnancy, then you might get verification in this way, and talk to her doctor who might be confident that menopause has occurred and that pregnancy is not possible. Please speak with her doctor. Good luck.

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