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"I see a drip coming from my penis but only in the mornings. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI see a drip coming from my penis but only in the mornings. What could it be?


In the mornings when I wake up I'll see a clear or some time a little Bit cloudy drip from the tip of my penis. It doesn't burn or cause any type of pain when I use the bathroom and as the day goes by I'll check sometimes squeeze to see if any thing comes out but nothing will be there . This only seems to happen in the mornings. Could it b a std


You are describing a clear fluid that is coming from the penis in the morning. This could be a number of things, including a STD. So it is important to speak with your primary care doctor. It is common for men to be aroused with an erect penis when they sleep at night. If you are a young man, you could be having wet dreams where you actually ejaculate semen during your sleep. The clear fluid could represent the normal fluids that are produced from the prostate during sex, or simply being aroused. Since it happens in the mornings and is not painful, this could be the explanation for your symptoms. There is also the possibility that a STD could be the cause. Not all STD's produce symptoms but some can. They can produce discharge from the penis. If you are sexually active, you should make an appointment with your primary care doctor to be examined. They can simply run some simple urine tests to figure out what the cause is. If it is an STD, they would be able to treat it with some antibiotics. Another possibility is that it is just urine and that you had a full bladder. You can try urinating right before you sleep and see if that fixes the problem.

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