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"What about constant cough with post nasal secretions?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat about constant cough with post nasal secretions?


female child ,6yrs old suffering from constant cough which accretion at night ,doctors prescribed short time predinsolone, dexamethasone, with azithromicin syrups , the last recommendation to use salbutamol by face mask as needed ,some improvement occur but then return to formerly situation , please aid us with my respects.


Sorry to hear about the chronic cough and other symptoms. The symptoms that you are describing could be from any number of different things, so it is important to speak with your doctor. Chronic congestion and post nasal drainage can be a sign of chronic adenoiditis, which is quite common among some children. In this situation, the adenoids can obstruct normal nasal drainage and contribute to bacterial overgrowth that can result in symptoms that can be quite troublesome and result in decreased quality of life. Some of these symptoms include chronic nasal drainage out either the front of the nose or down the back and can contribute to coughing and even exacerbate asthma in some situations. Depending on the rest of the symptoms that are associated, it can sometimes be beneficial to remove the adenoids to allow for improved nasal drainage or at least to decrease the bacterial burden. In some situations, antibiotics can be effective as well, although azithromycin is generally considered to be one of the less effective antibiotics in this sort of situation. Speaking with your doctor can be helpful, as he or she can refer you to an otolaryngology-head and neck surgeon (ie, an ear nose and throat surgeon or ENT) if that is necessary. Please speak with your doctor about this question, as they can be treated and could stem from many different things.

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