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"It seems I have a sinus infection. How long will the bad balance go on for?"

ZocdocAnswersIt seems I have a sinus infection. How long will the bad balance go on for?


3 days into it my balance is still bad at times, always a little off. Dayquil, Humidifier w/ liquid. Doesn't seem to be working


I am sorry to hear that you have been suffering from a sinus infection and 3 days of 'bad balance' and the OTC (over the counter) medications you have tried haven't been helping you, and that you are worried about how long this will go on for. I am happy to give you some general information, and my initial thoughts, but ultimately I am going to recommend that you make an appointment with an ENT (Ear Nose Throat) physician to be evaluated. They will be able to examine you, and take a more thorough history to give a more specific and accurate answer to you about what is going on. First of all, strictly speaking you must have symptoms of a sinus infection (nasal obstruction, drainage, pressure, pain, etc) for at least 2 weeks to truly call it a sinus infection. This is because most viral infections cause inflammation of the nose and sinus cavities, but run their course in 7-10 days typically. More likely you are infected with a virus that have also affected your inner ear (where the balance organs are located). This is called a viral labyrinthitis and is typically treated supportively, meaning that the symptoms are treated, but not the virus itself since your immune system typically takes care of the virus. In very bad cases we will treat patient with vestibular suppressants (to help with the vertigo). An ENT will be able to examine you and tell you what they think is going on. I hope that this is helpful.

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