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"Why can't I maintain an erection?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy can't I maintain an erection?


I'm a 20 year old college athlete. Two months ago I suffered a major concussion. I went from working out everyday to doing nothing for two months. After a few weeks, I was unable to maintain an erection. I am unable to have sex because of this. Is this because of a drastic lifestyle change? Does it have something to do with my brain?


That is an excellent question and one that is best answered by a primary care doctor or another doctor specializing in patients with traumatic brain injury such as a neurologist. Based upon your history, you have a high risk for having a traumatic brain injury which has caused you to have a change in your daily activities and mood and likely is causing you to have this change in your ability to maintain an erection. Major concussions can cause long term issues with your cognition and mood and so it is important that you seek medical attention and discuss the risk of long term issues from this and what possible treatment options are available to you. With regards to the erectile dysfunction, there are medications to treat this but what is more concerning and should be evaluated is the change in mood that you have had and what is the underlying cause for this. Sometimes concussions and traumatic brain injuries can lead to depression and it may be that this is why you feel this way. There are medications to treat this also and hopefully your doctor can evaluate you and decide whether you would be a good candidate for this.

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