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"How long after drinking a glass of champagne can I take a vicodin for tooth pain?"

ZocdocAnswersHow long after drinking a glass of champagne can I take a vicodin for tooth pain?


I took one vicodin at 10:35am, had one glass of Champagne at 4:30pm. It is now 9:10 pm. Is it okay to take another vicodin? I have severe tooth pain and have an impending root canal.


As you have probably been told by your doctors, it is not wise to mix alcohol and narcotics, so I recommend that you discuss your question with your primary care physician. The reason for this is that both of these drugs cause respiratory depression. If taken in enough doses in combination, it can cause significant sedation and even threaten one's life. With that said, the single glass of champagne consumed five hours prior to a dose of Vicodin, is unlikely to cause a problem. However, I would never endorse this to one of my patients. Officially, if you are going to be taking Vicodin for any reason, you need to completely abstain from alcohol. This way both you and your physician can be sure that you will not develop a problem by combining the two drugs. Questions such as this should be directed to your primary care physician or whoever prescribed Vicodin. Additional considerations when you are taking a narcotic such as Vicodin is the operation of machinery and driving a car. We generally consider the use of narcotics to be equivalent to alcohol and therefore never recommend that you do anything that requires coordination while on this medication. The good news is that after your root canal, you should not need to take Vicodin anymore. I hope that this answer helps you, and pleas speak with your doctor.

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