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"My knee hurts really bad from hitting it on a side of a car. What should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersMy knee hurts really bad from hitting it on a side of a car. What should I do?


Hit it on accident and hurts when I move it , I have a homemade knee brace on and it's elevated


I'm sorry to hear about your knee injury. I recommend that you speak with your physician soon. Without knowing more information or being able to examine you, unfortunately we can only generalize. Assuming that you did not hit your knee that hard and/or that you are able to walk on it, I would say that you likely did not break anything. If you cannot walk on it at all, you may have a fracture but given the mechanism of injury, I would think that's pretty unlikely. That leaves us with soft tissue injuries. The knee is a general anatomic term that encompasses the bones that form the knee joint (femur, tibia and patella), muscles that move the knee, the cartilage and collagen that line the articulating surfaces of the knee, and the tendons and ligaments that stabilize the knee. Your injury may represent a soft tissue injury, which would include the muscles, collagen, tendons and ligaments. This could range from as mild as a contusion (bruise) to torn ligament or tendon. Each of the possibilities would have different symptoms but also similar ones, such as swelling and pain. If your pain and swelling are improving with elevation, ice and rest, your injury is likely mild. However, if your swelling and pain are persistent, and/or you have symptoms of knee instability, you should not put any weight on the leg, and see your physician as soon as possible to further evaluate this. You may have a tendon or ligament injury.

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