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"What is considered skin lesion?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is considered skin lesion?


to give the best reason for a doctors visit


Thank you for your question, although I am not quite sure that I understand it fully. It seems that you are asking if there are specific indications, or reasons, for you to go and see a doctor for a skin lesion. There are several reasons that most doctors will tell you that you should have something on your skin examined. The first is the most simple: if it's something that is worrying you, you should probably have it examined by your doctor. That means if it just doesn't seem right to you because it's been there too long, it's growing, it's the wrong color, etc, then it makes sense to have it examined by your doctor. The worst that can happen is that everything can be fine and he or she can reassure you, which is quite common and not wrong at all. More specific things that concern doctors are things that are growing, things that are bleeding, things that are ulcerated, are larger than a pencil eraser, things that have irregular borders, etc. The rule of ABCD is often applied to some types of skin lesions when doctors are considering them. Please speak with your doctor about your skin lesions.

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