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"I injured my head. Should I be concerned?"

ZocdocAnswersI injured my head. Should I be concerned?


I was at a concert on Friday night and I got hit in the head by a crowd surfer. I'm not dizzy or nauseous. But I have had an off and on headache. My top teeth also feel sensitive. And it still hurts where I got hit.


That is an excellent question and one that is best answered by your primary care doctor or another medical care professional who can evaluate you with an appropriate history and physical examination. Anytime you have a head injury, it is something that you should be concerned about and evaluated by a medical professional. Did you lose consciousness during the injury as that could be another serious sign of a more severe head injury such as a concussion. You should be evaluated by your primary care doctor because he or she can see if you have any other symptoms from the head injury and he or she may also want to do some tests such as imaging studies such as an MRI. You may consider symptomatic treatment until you see your doctor and this may include tylenol or Advil for headaches. It is also concerning that you are having pain at the site where you were injured and this may mean either you have a bruise where you had the head injury or there may be an underlying skull fracture. Depending on what the imaging studies show, there could also be contusion to the underlying brain. It is important that you are evaluated as soon as possible for this injury.

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