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"I have a constant fever and low energy levels. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a constant fever and low energy levels. What could it be?


My WBC is high, with low NE count, high LY count and a high NE# count. Hb and mcv slightly elevated


Your symptoms sound quite concerning and this would lead me to want to perform an evaluation for your situation right away. So I recommend speaking with your primary care physician today. I think that most likely you have either some kind of infection or an inflammatory condition. The high white blood cell count, constant fever, and fatigue are all signs of infection. The first step in determining the cause of infection is to look for signs of it. Your doctor might want to listen to your lungs to make sure that you don't have pneumonia. Your doctor will likely want to obtain a urine sample to look for signs of a urinary tract infection. Depending on the scenario, your doctor might obtain blood cultures or nasal swabs looking for viruses. The list of possible tests that could be performed is way too long to be discussed in full here. Now if all of these tests were negative and it was determined that you did not have an infection, then the next most likely condition would be inflammatory conditions such as an autoimmune disorder. Your doctors might order blood work to look for signs of certain conditions such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. To start off this workup, I would suggest that you schedule and appointment with your primary care physician today.

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